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          Artificial heart valves and transcather implantation systems
          The product which is interventive, minimally invasive, without surgical sutures and cardiopulmonary bypass is used to replace the diseased mitral valve. This new designed product can simplify the replacement surgery, significantly reducing the risks of treatment and increasing success rate. Moreover, this can shorten patients’ postoperative recovery time and cut down costs. Furthermore, reduced price of similar products enables more patients to have opportunities to endure risk and expense of surgery and treatment. As a revolutionary treatment, transcatheter artificial heart valve prosthesis is being well recognized by experts. In the future, clinical demands will grow explosively.
          人工心脏瓣膜及导管植入系统具有介入、无手术缝线、无需体外循环和无须开胸手术等特点,用于置换心脏内病变的二尖瓣瓣膜。 这种新型产品将使心脏瓣膜置换手术过程简化、治疗风险大幅降低、成功率将显著提高,同时也将缩短病人术后恢复时间及大大降低费用,拉低进口同类产品价格,使更多的病人能够承受手术的风险和费用而得到治疗。 介入人工心脏瓣膜作为一种革命性的治疗手段,正日益被专家所认同,在可预见的未来几年内,临床需求将会呈现爆发性的增长。
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